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Zoo Station - West Berlin City - Time Lapsed
Bee - Busy on Violet Aster Blossom
Berlin - Potsdamer Platz by Night
Record Player - Hand Places Arm
Berlin Oberbaumbrücke by Night - Festival of Lights 2010
Vegetables Paprika Zuccini Carrots Turning
Candle - Burning and Surrounded - Variant 1
Elephant Hawk-moth - Caterpillar - Weinschwaermer
Male - Hanging money with pegs on a clothesline
Berlin - Brandenburger Tor bei Tag
Elephant Hawk-moth - Caterpillar - Weinschwaermer - Crossing
Berlin - Reichstag with Exclusion Zone - Vertical Tracking
Gateway Crossing
Fireworks - Spraying Sparkles
(Movie Projector - full running with lamp
Chanterelle Turning Dish with Herbs - Variant 1
Cattle Coloured Meadow
Grashopper Breathing
Key - Swinging Right One
Engraving Device in Action
Cutting Vine - Perspective 1
Pouring Peppermint
Movie Projector - switching on the ligh
US Flag in the Wind
Record Player - Start Up - Red Light
Male - watching behind money on a clothesline
Apple - Wet Turning - Top Part
Sea - wave  destroys house that is painted in the sand
Ostrich - young cute birds bite and pick hand
Gran Canaria - Mogan Valley
Berlin - Sunset Sky with lots of Contrails
Woman - Beautiful Eyes - Looking
Key - Being Rasped
Train Ride - View to the Railtracks
Polisher Starting and Grinding a Key
Spiral Nebula - Flight
Apple - Wet Turning - Right Hand Part
Frogs - two - croak
Escalator - upstairs to the blue
Saw - cuts wood
Frog - green - portrait - breathing and watching
bridge with cars passing
lovers locks on a bridge
Little girl sitting on a swing
Door Knocker on red Door w. Bump Sound
Berlin - World Time Clock at Alexanderplatz
Billard - Prepare - Moving Balls in Triangle
Berlin - Seat of the German Chancellor w Fountain - Kanzleramt
Billard - Kick-off - full hit
boxing gloves - one pair - red
Hair Cut Fast with Clipper
Microphone bright metal - track
Apple on a book - relax in garden
Movie Projector - lens with dust flying and red movie
Bell - impatient guest rings several times at hotel reception
Table Soccer - classic goal with fast dribbling
Fireworks - Sparkler - Wunderkerze
Lift arriving, doors opening
Berlin - Victory Column - from bottom to top w blue sky
Type Writer - Tracking

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