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Focus on a surgical team holding an anesthesia mask
Focus on a teacher drawing a chart on a blackboard
Focus shot on a woman holding a key
Focus on a strict black teacher pointing finger
Focus on a teacher writing on a notebook
Focus of a woman holding a piggy bank
Focus on a black woman holding a chalk
Focus on foreground of the cash register screen
Focus on foreground of a golf bag
Focus on womans eye with opened eyes
Focus on foreground of man grocer holding tomatoes
Focus terms written on chalkboard with a chalk
Focus doctor using laptop
Focus doctor looking at X-Rays
Focus man driving
Focus pupil sitting at his desk
Focus teacher at her desk
Focus on foreground of an aisle
Focus on foreground of woman touching her mobile phone
Focus on foreground of businesswoman calling
focus on hands
Focus on chemical objects
Focus on foreground of woman looking her mobile phone
Focus on hipsters camera
Focus on foreground of woman touching her mobile phone
Focus on watch
focus on hands
Focus on kids hands during a sunny day at camera
focus on hands and bicycle
Focus on shoes
Male hand drawing Focus concept with marker on transparent wipe board.
Target hit in the center by arrows
photography view camera photographer lens lense through video photo digital glass hand blurred focus people concept - stock image
Individual customer service care, personalization, marketing segmentation and targeting, customer relationship management (CRM) and headhunter human resources concepts. Businessman with magnifying glass focused on one person.
Smart goal setting, dart hit the center of dartboard with light bulb on background
New business vision concept, businesswoman framing her face, isolated on white background.
Vision concept with a greyscale image of a mans eye with a crosshair focused on his iris which has been selectively colored blue.
Compass needle pointing to north direction, image suitable for business consulting concept  3D render illustration
Direction Advice and choosing the right direct clear path to success with red push pins as confusing guides on the wrong roads as obstacles to financial wealth
Business success focus as a symbol for successful communication and marketing as a group of mixed up darts and one focused individual emerging in a straight line out away from the pack as a leadership and performance metaphor.
health, vision, sight - woman eye with laser correction frame
A large group of people in the shape of a target with an arrow, aim. Isolated, white background.
Young woman is focused view in the viewfinder gestures
Magnifying Glass with the word Focus on white background.
Female runner with focus and determination to run
Close-up of an eye
Pile of pebble stones for oriental spa massage therapy and alternative medicine on wooden planks outdoor with selective focus effect
Colorful eye extreme close-up
Hands framing distant
Target hit in the center by arrows
One red arrow piercing a ball shaped target mouted on a pole, black background, Blur effect3D render illustration
Discover opportunity and prosperity finding success as a business concept with a green four leaf clover growing in a dark forest helped by beams of bright sunlight shinning on the symbol and icon of fortune and luck
Closeup sad young woman with worried stressed face expression and brain melting into lines question marks. Obsessive compulsive, adhd, anxiety disorders
Network team business concept with a group of merging roads and highways shaped as a human head converging and coming together connected as a community partnership tat are crossing paths
Magnifying Glass with a key and the word Success on white background.
  The diaphragm of a camera lens aperture  Selective focus with shallow depth of field  Color toned image
glasses focus background wooden - stock image
Target hit in the middle by arrow
Close-up of woman's blue eye. High Technologies in the futuristic. : contact lens

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