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Postage stamp Argentina 1935 Mariano Moreno, Politician
Greedy Politician
insincere politician cartoon illustration
postage stamp germany 1989 reinhold maier, politician
Ehrlich währt am längsten - Stift Konzept
Notizzettel - Ehrensold!
Lügen haben kurze Beine - Stift Konzept
Politician and globe
Notizzettel - Ehrenrente?
Podium speaker tribune with Iran flags. Briefing of president of
John Dudley
Yusof bin Ishak
Algernon Sidney
Abel Rous Dottin
Thomas Seymour
Thomas Babington Macaulay
Postage stamp Brazil 1941 Count of Porto Alegre
John Caldwell Calhoun
Hugh Percy
William Carr Beresford
Postage stamp Hungary 1974 Vladimir Lenin, Revolutionary
Albrecht von Roon
Nicholas Bacon
Petar Kocic
George Calvert
Albrecht von Wallenstein
William Wilberforce
George Finch-Hatton
Postage stamp Argentina 1935 Manuel Belgrano
James Butler
Alexander Baring
Henry Pelham-Clinton
Charles Manners-Sutton
Edward Sugden
Edward North
George Canning
Francis Rawdon
Eduardo Acevedo Vasquez
John Copley
Frederick Pollock
Nicolas Avellaneda
John Hobhouse
Arturo Alessandri
Lyon Playfair
Wilhelm Schaffrath
Alvan Ikoku
Franz Schuselka
Eduard von Reichenbach
Benjamin Zeledon
Horace Francois Bastien Sebastiani de La Porta
Swearing an oath with fingers crossed behind back
close up of conference meeting microphones and businessman
Politician and his election team during campaign
businessman standing on podium and closes on outbreaks
Politician at Press Conference
confident man in suit smiling on white
Politician during press conference
full length picture of a young business man showing thumb up and holding the other hand in his pocket, while smiling to the camera  on white background
Giving a bribe, hands of businessmen on a white background.
close up of conference meeting microphones and businessman
Young Businessman Giving Speech In The Conference
Abstract podium and men (done in 3d)
Election results
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) on engraving from 1800s. Emperor of France. One of the most brilliant individuals in history, a masterful soldier, an unequalled grand tactician and a superb administrator. Engraved by D.J.Pound and published by the London p
Reporters taking photo and capturing video during press conference
Businesswoman standing on stage and reporting for audience
African American woman speaking in front of multiple microphones
An independent voter wears his party pin on his suit lapel
Exclusive Press Interview with a Politician
Spokesperson talking during press media conference
Speaker giving a talk on corporate business conference. Audience at the conference hall. Business and entrepreneurship event.
Portrait of a man in front of a book
close up of conference meeting microphones and businessman
Young Caucasian businessman wearing a sly smile
close up of conference meeting microphones and businessman
Business man wearing dark suit, gesturing thumb up, isolated over white background
Adult male looks like he is making a point to a jury or a classroom of students.
Man with black business suit with blank pinned button  You can put your design on the button  Election day background or concept
Media interview with politician or business person
Young businesswoman with message in the office
Donald Trump Angry Expression Art
Francisco Madero on 500 Pesos 1984 Banknote from Mexico. Politician, writer and revolutionary. President of Mexico during 1911-1913.
announcement, conference or political campaign
Cameraman Recording Female Journalist Interviewing Businessman
Swearing an oath with fingers crossed behind back
View from behind of a businesswoman standing in front of a microphone gesturing as she gives a presentation or speech
Speaker holds the microphone close up
Close-up of an elegant businessman holding a cigar.
African American woman in front of microphones isolated over white
Close-up of a confident businessman smoking a cigar.
close up of conference meeting microphones and businessman
businessman standing on podium and closes on outbreaks
A politician wearing an American flag lapen pin symbolizes patriotism.
Politician planning speach in front of mirror
Mugshot of criminal
Asian business woman at the US Supreme Court
Indian young man in welcome posture
Media interview on fair
Back view of businessman speaker standing on podium in lights
Woman Public Speaker and Girls Journalists, Hands of Reporters With TV Microphones and Voice Recorder. Press Conference, Breaking News, Mass Media, Journalism, Interview Concept.

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