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Monument Valley
Monument to Vittorio Emmanuele II
Monument Valley
Monument Valley, Mittens, Arizona
Monument Valley
Monument to Prince Grigory Potemkin
Monument of basalt boulders
Monument of Victor Emmanuel
Monument Valley
Monument to St. Olga and S. Andrew near the St. Michael`s Golden-Domed Monastery in Kiev, Ukraine
Monument Valley, Utah, USA
Monument Valley, Utah, USA
Monument Valley, Arizona
Monument Valley.
Monument Valley
Monument to the Discoveries
Monument Valley.
Monument Valley, Arizona
Monument Valley, Arizona
Monument Valley, Arizona
Monument to the Discoveries
Monument Valley, Arizona
Monument Valley, Utah, USA
Monument commemorating Karageorge Petrovitch
Monument of freedom
Monument of the Lenin
Monument of the Lenin
Monument of the Lenin
Monument of the Lenin
monument  Vittorio Emanuele II
Monument Valley Felsen
Monument Valley, Arizona
Monument Valley, Arizona
Monument Valley Stein
Monument to Emperor Franz I, Innerer Burghof in the Hofburg imperial palace. Vienna, Austria.
Monument Valley Panorama
Monument Valley Fels
Monument of Angel in Kiev, independence square
Monument to Bogdan Khmelnytsky in Kyiv, Ukraine
Monument to Alexander Suvorov in Novgorod region, Russia
Monument of chinese emperor on the bank
Monument to Christopher Columbus - Barcelona
Monument to plague, detail
Monument to plague
Monument to the Negev Brigade in Beer Sheva, Israel, seen through the barbed wire
monument of polish poet adam mickiewicz in lviv
Monument Valley in Arizona
Road level view of Utah state route 163 leading south to Monument Valley
Outdoor view of Washington Monument in Washington DC with beautiful blue sky in background
The Pakistan Monument is a landmark in Islamabad, which represents four provinces of Pakistan.
Monument Valley, Utah, Arizona, USA
Cherry blossom and Washington monument over lake, Washington DC.
Washington Monument at National Mall in Washington, DC
Monument to the Mexican Revolution  Monumento a la Revolución Mexicana , built in Mexico City in 1936
famous road in southwest of america near Monument Valley tribal park, USA
Cherry blossom and Washington monument over lake with flower petal in water, Washington DC.
National Wallace Monument on the hill, Stirling, Scotland
The Statue of King Taksin. The Great King Taksin riding on a horseback was unveiled in the middle of Wongwian Yai (the Big Traffic Circle) in Thonburi
Dawn at the Jefferson Memorial during the Cherry Blossom Festival  Washington, DC
Monument Valley (UT) - Lookout man
Golden Temple Amritsar India
Martin Luther King Statue isolate on white background
Cherry Blossoms and top of the Washington Monument in Washington DC, USA
Sunset at the sisters in Monument Valley, USA
The Wallace Monument occupies a commanding position atop Abbey Craig from where William Wallace led his people's army to victory at Stirling Bridge in 1297.
Independence Monument, Phnom Penh, Travel Attractions in Cambodia  The Independence Monument was built in 1958 for Cambodia s independence from France in 1953  It stands in the centre of the Phnom Penh city
Wallace Monument, Stirling, Scotland situated atop Abbey Craig from where William Wallace led his people's army to victory at Stirling Bridge in 1297.
The Washington  Monument in Washington DC
Monument to the Great Fire of London, England, UK, Europe
Iwo Jima Memorial in Wash DC, USA  Memorial dedicated to all personnel of United States Marine Corps who have died in defense of their country since 1775
Ancient Odeum of Acropolis, the Theater of Herod Atticus
Image of famous monuments of the world put together on the Earth planet. Concept of travelling to around the world
Lincoln Memorial at sunset with lake reflections, Washington DC
Golden colored Angel of Independence in Mexico City
Travel – collection of the world monuments
businesswoman draws dream travel around the world
Cherry blossom and Washington monument over lake, Washington DC.
Jefferson Memorial at dawn by Tidal Basin and surrounded by pink Japanese Cherry blossoms with the monument lit by the rising sun at dawn
Ho Chi Minh City Hall or Hotel de Ville de Saigon, Vietnam
Renowned as a favoured residence of Scotland's Stuart monarchs and perched high atop a volcanic outcrop Stirling Castle remains a formidable presence today with history built into every stone.
The Lincoln Memorial, Arlington Memorial Bridge and Washington Monument reflected in the Potomac River at dusk  Washington, DC
Tugu Monumen Nasional (the National Monument tower), Jakarta, Indonesia
Thomas Jefferson Memorial in St  Louis, Missouri, USA
Monument of Nelson Mandela in Westminster, London, UK
Azadi monument, the famous landmark of Tehran, with a pedestrian walking by
View of Washington DC with Capitol, Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial, reflection on potomac river, at sunset
National Monument (Monas) at night, in front of big pool and colorful water fountain, create beautiful reflection of this monument., this is one of iconic monument in Jakarta, Indonesia
The Democracy Monument is a public monument in the centre of Bangkok, capital of Thailand
Sunrise in Hunts Mesa
Monument to Alvaro Obregon  Monumento a Álvaro Obregón  in Parque de la Bombilla  A monolithic shrine built in 1935 to the postrevolutionary Mexico president in the art deco style
The unique landscape of Monument Valley, Utah, USA
View of Monument Valley from Highway 163
Moment of Democracy monument at Dusk (Bangkok, Thailand)
The Monumento to the Revolution or Arch of the Revolution in Mexico City
KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, APpril 18, 2019: Tugu Negara National Monument, a popular tourist destination in Kuala Lumpur.  Commemorates those who died in struggle for freedom
Washington Monument With Reflection Into Reflecting Pool At Night
View of the Washington Monument against the blue sky in Washington, USA; GPS information is in the file

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