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Abstract water currents and rapids in green river
Flock of Canada Geese swimming across lake.
Colorful oil slick spreading on muddy swamp.
Single birch tree and branches on clear blue sky.
Frozen ice, snow, and sand dunes on beach with hills in distance
Steep eroded cliffs near Sognefjord, Norway.
Cliffs and mountains in Sognefjord, Norway.
Wood post and vineyard row
Metallic chrome bathroom faucet detail
Two green plants, one bare, one with thin white petals, against
Detail of half of green grass mowed.
Green wild crabapples on branches.
Chevron road sign indicating right turn.
Small duck swimming in dark water and waves.
Seagull perched facing left against cloud and sky
Padlock on partly rusted metal latch.
Large round hay bales on grass.
Rusted square metal post with two hanging chains.
Melting ice chunks by water and frozen shore.
Modern cobblestone parking lot.
Dense fog covering ridge in Norway.
Dense fog covering valley in Norway.
Pine forest under cloud on blue sky.
Aerial view of islands on Lake Malar, Sweden.
Tree stumps contrasted against large muddy swamp.
Aerial view of alps in summer.
Dense fog covering mountain in Norway.
Waterfalls on cliffs near Sognefjord, Norway.
Metal girder with insulators holding power line.
Tree lines bordering empty farm fields.
Melting circular ice floes floating in channel.
Waterfall on cliffs near Sognefjord, Norway.
Looking up tall pine tree on blue sky.
Looking up large electrical tower on overcast day.
Tree stump in muddy algae-covered swamp.
Old wooden cask against wall boards in autumn.
Flag of Norway flapping in wind.
Two large rectangular electrical towers.
Boulders covered in snow by water.
French fries with ketchup in paper tray.
Birch trees against clear blue sky.
Frozen bay covered in ice under clear blue sky.
Rocky coastline and blue sky in Malta.
Dense fog covering slope in Norway.
Flag of Norway flapping in wind.
Cliffs and mountains of Sognefjord, Norway.
Mountains and slopes of Sognefjord, Norway.
Single Canada Goose on pond.
Random debris and garbage on ground.
Empty unmarked asphalt path in dense foliage.

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