970 Sounds about "large" at ClipDealer

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Large Diesel Engine PE273901
Large Explosion With Lon PE280201
Large Continuous Cra PE282403
Large Crash Glass Met PE282701
Large Rowdy Teen Crow PE151901
Large Older Office Or PE151501
Large Exterior Crowd PE141301
Large Group Kids On Pl PE143001
Large Shatter Window PE283601
Large Single CannonF PE240201
Large Splash Or DiveW PE127201
Large Single CannonF PE240501
Large Hockey Idle Hug PE374101
Large Interior Crowd PE140901
Large Airy Ac Hum PE480301
Large Vacuum Cleaner PE255801
Large Single CannonF PE240401
Large Crowd Boos PE141901
Large Servo Ele On Buz PE274601
Large Multiple Canno PE240101
Large Shatter Window PE283602
Large Multi ImpactsW PE280601
Large Creaks Heavy Cr PE286801
Large Low Pitch Bell PE190901
Large Sea Sprays Fall PE312905
Large Single CannonF PE240301
Large Crash Huge Cras PE286301
Large Synth Motor Rap PE209401
Large Airy Lobby Area PE482901
Large Arena Ac Hum Rat PE482401
Large Sea Sprays Fall PE312902
Large Hockey Crowd Ch PE374301
Large Shatter Window PE283604
Large Pneumatic Dril PE278301
Large Sea Sprays Fall PE312904
Large Sports Crowd Re PE371901
Large Sports Crowd Re PE371701
Large Airy Plane Hang PE483201
Large Exterior Crowd PE140201
Large Sea Sprays Fall PE312901
Large Sea Sprays Fall PE312906
Large Arena Corridor PE482501
Large High Pitch Bell PE190801
Large Modern OfficeL PE151601
Large Shatter Safety PE283801
Large Vacuum Cleaner PE255802
Large Splash Or DiveW PE127501
Large Rowdy Hockey Cr PE373701
Large Shatter Window PE283603
Large Splash Or DiveW PE127301

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